AEE is striving to position the education system as a compelling solution for Africa, which is facing serious challenges with regard to education. It is important that all AEE schools are on a consistent path of improvement and work towards becoming an educational institution of choice. The School Improvement programme is designed to assist and guide you as you navigate your path to success!

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AEE Academic Services

We provide a full spectrum of academic services and support systems for schools and home school academies.

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School Staff Enrichment Programmes

We ensure that all staff are given the opportunity to attend development and enrichment programmes where they can grow towards reaching their potential.

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AEE Policy Advice

We offer legal assistance and advice for schools to guide you through what can often be complex and confusing issues.

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We lobby on behalf of AEE Associated Schools with the relevant government agencies.

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School Improvement Programme

We are dedicated to facilitating the best possible quality and experience for learners, parents and staff through all AEE associated schools.