We know that one of the most important assets of any school is the staff! As much as we guide children towards their place of full potential through education, we need to ensure that all staff are given the opportunity to attend development and enrichment programmes where they too can grow towards reaching their potential. Save the Date.


All staff, from pre-school to high school level are trained in the procedures and methodology of the A.C.E programme, training includes the essential keys to successful administration, insightful and informative workshops along with an expanded spiritual emphasis.


Pastors, principals and administrators are not only trained in A.C.E. procedures and methodology, but also in various management and leadership aspects. Attendees can claim 15 professional development (PD) points.

Early Childhood Development (ECD) Training

This practical but specialised ECD training course is invaluable for all staff working with young children in the ECD phase of education.


Each year, Accelerated Education Enterprises hosts a number of annual events that are designed to unite everyone within the AEE family and provide information relating to developments within the A.C.E. curriculum and AEE materials. The events combine motivational material, informative sessions and up to date insights as we work together in our quest to educate Africa!

1. Christian Educators’ Convention (held in various venues around South Africa)
2. Administrator’s Seminar (a mid-year event held in the Drakensburg)
3. Regional Seminars (held twice a year in numerous regional venues)

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Our full offering

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AEE Academic Services

We provide a full spectrum of academic services and support systems for schools and home school academies.

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School Staff Enrichment Programmes

We ensure that all staff are given the opportunity to attend development and enrichment programmes where they can grow towards reaching their potential.

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AEE Policy Advice

We offer legal assistance and advice for schools to guide you through what can often be complex and confusing issues.

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We lobby on behalf of AEE Associated Schools with the relevant government agencies.

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School Improvement Programme

We are dedicated to facilitating the best possible quality and experience for learners, parents and staff through all AEE associated schools.