Botswana is a landlocked country, dominated by the Kalahari Desert, an endless expanse of land that occupies its centre where the San people live. One of the wildest regions in Africa, it is famous for its spectacular inland Okavango Delta, fascinating deserts, wetlands, savannahs and wildlife-rich game reserves.

A sparsely populated country, Botswana is backed by a stable, democratic government, and since its independence in 1966, is often referred to as ‘Africa’s success story’. A nominally Christian country with Setswana and English as official languages, it continues to grow and develop economically.

Country Rep: Daniel & Rianda Botha

There are six primary schools in Botswana, and while none of these currently offer secondary level education using the A.C.E. curriculum, we are expecting some of them to start offering this in the near future as they continue to steadily grow.

These schools include: A.C.E. Eagles Academy in Gaborone, Kairos Academy in Gaborone, Light of the World in Francistown, Okavango International School in Maun, Valley Academy in Lobatse, and Kings Hand in Gaborone.

Since Botswana is so outstretched and sparsely populated, it is often difficult to get to these schools that are located in the country’s few urban areas. Because of this, homeschooling using the A.C.E. curriculum is an excellent solution, and as a result, many homeschools now operate across Botswana.

One of the biggest challenges in Botswana is the number of learners who do not finish primary school – some leaving as early as Standard 3 (Grade 5) because of the fact that they are not ready for school. Our goal is to start 100 preschools or bible clubs across Botswana, to assist with school readiness. To this end, we have joined hands with the mission organisation, Word to Africa Botswana, to target rural villages where the need to assist is the greatest. The positive impact this has had on these villages, as well as raised standards within the primary schools, is already showing.

So far, we have started preschools or bible clubs in the following villages: Kgomokasitwa, Morelane,
Salajwe, Gopong, Kekenye, Methlobo, Sepupa, Odi, Rakops, and Maun.

We thank the Lord for His provision, and the privilege to be able to serve Him in this beautiful country.