Gabon, a former French colony, became independent in 1960. With vast forests and an abundance of oil, it is unquestionably a resource-rich country, with great potential. Unfortunately, a significant proportion of the population remains trapped by poverty.

Country Rep: Jean-Marie Tchibinda

El-Elyön, the first Christian school using the A.C.E. system of education, opened in Gabon, Libreville, in 2005. The school currently has 93 enrolled learners from pre-school to level 5. Learning is done in French, and English is taught as a second language. However, the A.C.E. system enables English-speaking students to be enrolled and continue with their learning. They, in fact, become bilingual as a result of interacting with their French-speaking peers.

In 2017, a second school was opened. El-Elyön Angondjè has 44 enrolled learners and is growing.

Our motto is:  “Together, one child at a time, we will change the nation”