Tanzania is an Indian Ocean coastal country located north of Mozambique and just south of the equator, with a warm, tropical climate. The country has a diverse population of about 50 million people who speak many languages and dialects. The most common language, Swahili, is used for daily conversation and business. The country, which is richly endowed with natural resources and beauty, is the fourth largest gold producer in Africa. Tanzania has an exceptional legacy of natural beauty and conservation including areas such as the famous Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Selous, Kilimanjaro and the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba. Tanzania is a key producer of coffee, tea, cloves, sisal and cashew nuts.

Country Rep: Angela Scott

A.C.E. arrived in Tanzania when the Scott family settled in the country in 1998 and began home schooling three children. It was not long before Tanzanian families, with whom the Scotts fellowshipped at church, heard about the home school, and the A.C.E. method became a preferred option. Suddenly, Angela Scott had 24 children arriving at her home daily! At this stage, a decision was taken to open a full school. Capstone Christian School now caters for more than 100 students and has had numerous graduates, several of whom went on to receive degrees from top US universities! A number of other A.C.E. schools have been established in the country and, presently, there are seven schools and two home schools using the curriculum, with more than 400 students attending daily.

The interest continues and, each year, ECD, supervisor and monitor training sessions, as well as a mini-CEC, are held to prepare teachers and assistants for the existing schools and the steady demand of new schools. In a country where quality teacher training and qualified, experienced teachers are at a premium, the A.C.E. curriculum and methodology is personalised to suit the individual learner. There is less reliance placed on the teaching personnel to teach, and more reliance placed on them to be good motivators and facilitators, inspiring learning. Importantly, all the schools are established and managed by Tanzanians who have been inspired and envisioned by the A.C.E. story.