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GRADES 1 – 2 (7 – 8 YEARS OLD)

The Animal Science course takes younger learners on an adventure where they “meet” the members
of an exciting animal family each time they open the cover of a new PACE. They learn about the animals’ habitats, ranges, physical characteristics and special features. Included are the unusual and interesting characteristics or habits peculiar to certain members of the species. Each level consists of twelve PACEs.

Children love to learn about animals. The Animal Science programme encourages an interest in their habitats, special features and physical characteristics.

Grade 1

Grade 1 Animal Science is a welcome companion to the
ABCs with Ace and Christi Learning-to-Read programme. It incorporates, in PACE form, the picture story cards and animal stories used to illustrate all the alphabet sounds. Also included are a variety of activities to develop the small motor muscles, hand-eye coordination, and visual discrimination.

Grade 2

At this level, each PACE concentrates on a specific species of animal. Students learn about sheep, dogs, horses, cats, cattle, rabbits, rodents, poultry, unusual birds, spiders, snakes, toads and frogs.