An education solution that makes sense for teachers, learners, and parents



The COMPREHEND AFRICA platform sets out the curriculum in an easy to follow programme which includes quizzes and activities with auto-grade functionality. Lesson preparation is efficient with options for teachers to add links to supplementary material, videos, and activities. The programme creates ample opportunity for practice, deep learning, and content mastery. PLUS, you can efficiently track each learners’ effort and progress in real-time enabling early intervention, feedback and encouragement personalised to each learner.

You can captivate your learners’ attention through an experience that is exciting and relevant to the modern child.




Learners can continue with work no matter when or where, opening the benefit of seamless progression whether at school, home and anywhere in between. Working at their own pace, learners can work independently through the media rich materials and activities. Learning becomes an experience that nurtures self-esteem as mastery is achieved. The modern learner/teacher interface creates opportunity for the learner to check-in with the teacher, receive personalised feedback and instruction, and continue with confidence.

Learners enjoy the modern approach to education that maximises technology and is relevant to the world they live in and their future.




Working on a self-paced, Personal System of Instruction (PSI) education programme gives your child the opportunity to immerse themselves in an enjoyable, media-rich learning experience that provides ample opportunity for learning, practice and ultimately achievement.

An education solution that takes the anxiety out of the process and shifts focus to the individual achieving success and unlocking personal potential.

COMPREHEND AFRICA can be used in the homeschool environment. If you would like to find out more about this option, please contact our Customer Experience Centre at




The modern school must embrace both the classroom and the home and use blended learning as the preferred teaching methodology. The learning needs to be seamless between online and venue. COMPREHEND AFRICA powers this innovative schooling model.

COMPREHEND AFRICA makes sense for schools, learners, and parents! The mastery-based programme meets a high standard of academic rigor. It is self-paced and follows the Personal System of Instruction (PSI) methodology that you are familiar with. The media-rich materials engage learners and the automated platform is easy-to-use and facilitates blended learning.




  • Each grade subject is presented as a course (e.g. Grade 4 English is a course).
  • Each course is divided into small units of study. There are usually 10 units per course.
  • Objectives are defined for each unit.
  • New vocabulary is introduced and repeated through each unit.
  • Each unit is divided into three sections with lessons, activities and reviews in each section.
  • There is a quiz at the end of each section which are designed to reveal areas that the learner needs to review in order to achieve mastery.
  • One practice test per unit enable learners and teachers the opportunity to evaluate test readiness.
  • One password-controlled unit test is taken by the learner.




Education in the digital world will best be sustainable and achieved by designing learning systems, leveraging emerging digital resources and engaged educators who serve as relevant and attainable moral examples taking the responsibility for the academic and moral development of the learner while the instructional process is anchored in classical curriculum and delivered through technology.

Positive value lessons are embedded in the COMPREHEND AFRICA materials creating opportunity for the learner to consider, discuss, evaluate and develop their personal value system.


  • Technology FACILITATES a seamless interface between learner and teacher no matter where they are – school, home or traveling.
  • Technology FACILITATES sophisticated levels of flexibility for learner and teacher, which enables personalised and self-paced study.
  • The FLEXIBILITY of COMPREHEND AFRICA allows teachers to add content, modify courses, provide supplemental materials, projects, and discussions for collaborative learning. Teachers may provide differentiated instruction to the course, and lesson extensions can be inserted.
  • This makes personalised, blended learning available to each learner.

“Blended Learning is possibly one of the most important pedagogical formats that can enhance student learning, optimise the use of active learning strategies and improve learning outcomes.” (Pizzi, 2014)


COMPREHEND AFRICA materials are CAPS Aligned and meet a very high standard of academic rigour. The learner experience is engaging and content is presented in media rich and varied ways – learning becomes fun!


  • Schools pay for a licence fee PER COURSE, which is valid for ONE YEAR.
  • A COURSE is a subject, per grade, per learner.
  • The total licence fee is calculated per course, per grade, per learner.

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