AcePlus has been integrated into the LearnCloud portal and can be accessed using any digital device that has internet connectivity. AcePlus provides online supplementary learning material to support students who are working through the A.C.E. curriculum.

On AcePlus the online lessons relate to specific PACE content, providing supplementary learning to a concept. Benefits to schools and home educators:

  • Reduced demand on the staff or parent by providing learners with access to online assistance.
  • Share the expertise of subject specialists at a fraction of the cost.
  • Reduced cost for an increased number of users. • Accessible specialised subject advisors are available online.
  • Provides access to tutors via the “find a tutor” facility. • Provides a safe environment for the learners as they do not have to search the WWW for additional clarifications.

Welcome to the AEE online portal

AEE LearnCloud is the AEE online portal and the learner’s passport to an increasing collection of high quality eLearning resources. eLearning has completely transformed the way in which learning is taking place. eLearning allows learners to take a proactive approach to their studies and makes learning simpler, easier and more effective.

AEE LearnCloud is a tool to assist learners as they progress on their education journey using AEE products. The learning material is developed by AEE in collaboration with curriculum development specialists. AEE ensures that all material is quality assured, giving you the confidence that content is accurate and age appropriate to the learner’s needs.

Click here to use LearnCloud through the website https://learncloud.aeegroup.co.za


  • AcePlus lessons empower learners to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • eLearning ensures consistent teaching and learners can review the same material several times.
  • eLearning is flexible, allowing learners to access material at their own convenience and pace.

Download the printable version here.