Foundation Phase

Life Skills And Bible Reading

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GRADES 1 – 3 (7 – 9 YEARS OLD)

Bible Reading reinforces reading skills and exposes young learners to God’s Word. Each level of this series contains 12 PACEs that concentrate on reading the Bible and comprehending many of its principles.

Studying the Scriptures is important because Scripture study is preparation for and a prerequisite to receiving personal revelation.

Grade 1

The PACEs feature vividly coloured picture story cards to be used in conjunction with the character-building Bible stories which are a specific feature of the ABCs with Ace and Christi Learning-to-Read programme. A variety of activities give attention to development of the small motor muscles, eye-hand coordination, and visual discrimination.

Grade 2

Learners read the Book of John. As they read, they are also expected to answer questions about God’s Word. In addition, they learn the books of the New Testament in order. Honourable character traits and dealing with relationships are emphasised. Learners explore the concept of relating to God through understanding of the Bible.

Grade 3

Learners become familiar with the Book of Matthew while learning the books of the Old Testament in order. There is constant review of the Old Testament books and practise in recognising them.