Foundation Phase


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GRADES 1 – 3 (7 – 9 YEARS OLD)


  • Visualised vocabulary to increase reading level and comprehension
  • Character-building encouraged through experience – writing and drawing
  • Character-building illustrated in story and picture
  • Simple experiments that coincide with the text
  • Parent involvement in the learning process
  • Review presented in fun formats which appeal to young learners

Developing natural curiosity

Science is knowledge based on observed facts and tested truths, presented in an orderly fashion. Science includes the study of plants, animals, biology, physical science, chemistry and physics.

The curriculum for foundation phase Science covers concepts and principles which are expanded throughout all levels. The curriculum takes learners’ natural curiosity about their physical environment and helps them build a solid foundation upon Biblical principles.

Grade 1

This course material presents young learners with the facts of Creation as presented in the Bible. They learn about the human body as well as concepts of health care and hygiene. Animal Science is a separate section in the curriculum.

Grade 2

This level sets forth the days of Creation and what was created on each day. It also demonstrates how various plants and animals function in today’s world.

Grade 3

This curriculum addresses the life cycles of animals and plants. Learners will learn about the effects of solar bodies on the earth. Geological changes after the Flood, jungles and hot lands, tundra and cold lands, volcanoes and earthquakes raise the natural curiosity of students. All this and much more makes this an exciting learning experience.

Be prepared for an exciting learning experience!