Foundation Phase

Social Studies

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GRADES 1- 3 (7 – 9 YEARS OLD)

To study Social Studies is to study responses of people to the truth of the Word of God. Beginning in the Garden of Eden, man’s failure to abide by the principles of God is traced throughout history. Learners explore the concepts of conservatism, free enterprise, personal responsibility, and governmental responsibility from God’s point of view. The curriculum gives many illustrations of individuals who have practised the precepts of God through the ages. This material stresses a citizen’s Biblical responsibility.

Unique world perspective

Social Studies (Sciences) is the study of people, their activities, customs and institutions in relationship to other people. Social Studies includes history, economics, geography and government.

This course looks at world history and cultures from the perspective that God is the Designer, Creator and Controller of the universe.

Grade 1

Level 1 introduces young learners to the basic principles of life. They learn to recognise and are challenged and motivated to
do what is right. They also learn to be kind, to share, and to be obedient to rules and laws. This level requires reading character- building stories and answering questions.

Grade 2

At this level the material builds visual discrimination and vocabulary, and teaches about the nations and some of the great political and Godly leaders of the past.

Grade 3

This level covers communication, conservation, communities, agriculture, geography, colonisation and slavery. This approach to history encourages learners to love and respect their country. The heroes and heroines to whom they are introduced provide role models representing ideals and aspirations for which learners can strive.

Where appropriate, specific PACEs have been nationalised, so that learners can appreciate the heritage and history of their own countries.