Early Childhood Development

Step-by-step for tiny tots

Product code #SS001


Presenting a strong foundation year before entering Grade R.  This ECD programme reinforces colour, shape  and number concepts and introduces phonics.

Young learners thrive on this programme which incorporates the six  Early Learning Development Areas of:

  • Well-being
  • Identity and belonging
  • Communication
  • Exploring mathematics
  • Creativity
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world

Kit 1 includes:
The Step-by-Step curriculum kit contains ideas with lesson plans for creative activities, music rings, Bible lessons, daily stories and ideas for theme tables for young children.

• 14 themed booklets
• 1 teacher information booklet
• 1 sing-along booklet
• 2 music CDs
• Memory verses (cards)
• Learners’ symbol picture cards
• Mini picture cards

Kit 2 inludes:
The Step-by-Step learning programme  kit contains 14 themed booklets. The curriculum and learning programmes are presented concurrently.

• 14 themed booklets
• 1 teacher information booklet
•  Wall charts – shapes, numbers and alphabet
•  Step-by-Step certificates
•  Number picture cards
•  Number cards
•  Alphabet cards
•  Alphabet pictures
•  Colour and shape cards
•  New colour phonic flashcards

*Items can be purchased separately

Enquire about the Daily Sensorimotor Activities Booklet

Activities and games are an extension of a child’s natural instinct and desire to play and learn whilst having fun.