Foundation Phase


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Word Building is a vocabulary-controlled study of selected words, root words, prefixes and suffixes, traditionally called spelling. Word Building is designed to build vocabulary, spelling skills as well as reading and writing.

Grade 1

This course provides activities that accompany the ABCs with Ace and Christi learning-to-read programme. These PACEs provide the foundational phonetic skills needed for reading and writing mastery. Children learn 35 letter sounds and 11 additional blends and diphthongs that are basic to all reading. Children should be able to read even unfamiliar words and material when they have completed this programme.

Grades 2 and 3

Word Building increases learners’ vocabulary bases and reinforces their confidence and capabilities
in spelling. Earlier levels expand the learners’ grasp of phonetic sounds and combinations. Each level presents appropriate spelling rules and their exceptions by both statement and drill. This course begins with simple words and progresses through to more complex words, teaching the relationships between words and spelling patterns.


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Introduced at the Grade 2 level, the A.C.E Literature and Creative Writing course is designed to nurture a passion for reading and creative writing. Animated cartoon characters Ace, Christi and their friends, lead learners through foundational concepts of writing.

Grade 2

Learners are encouraged to visualise, use their imagination and give creative responses to questions following one-page stories. Reading becomes a deeper learning experience, and writing blossoms into a comfortable skill.

To round out Level 2, each PACE provides practice in handwriting and speed reading.

Grade 3

Critical thinking is introduced and learners practise writing skills. Special activities require choosing the best endings for stories, writing story titles, identifying rhyme in poetry, and learning about the kinds of books and the parts of books. Character, setting and plot are emphasised as learners’ read specific chapters in the two required resource books – Summer Fun with Ace and Christi and Christians Courageous. Speed reading and handwriting skills are emphasised and practised.