Every individual is created for a unique purpose.  AEE believes that in order to reach their full potential, learners need to receive early guidance regarding their talents, their interests and ultimately their career choices.

AEE has the following products and services to assist schools with implementing an effective Career Development Programme:

  1. The AEE Career Development Programme is an exciting programme that encourages self-exploration, discovery and results in direction!
  2. Individual Assessment for Career Profiling for Grades 8 -12


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Graduation & Qualifications

A.C.E. graduates can study at tertiary level, locally and internationally.
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Career Development Programme

It is becoming essential in today’s school environment to start preparing learners to consider their career options earlier.

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Tertiary Access

AEE has a Tertiary Liaison Division that works to assist and guide school graduates through the tertiary application process.

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Our LIFEPREP vocational studies programme helps prepare non-academically minded learners to excel in an exciting and rewarding career.

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