The Grade 12 A.C.E. School of Tomorrow College Entrance Certificate (CEC) was registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) on the National Qualification Framework at Level 4, until 30 June 2015. The last date of achievement for this qualification is 30 June 2019. This means that the CEC qualification assumed its sunset phase as of 01 July 2015. The qualification will enjoy legacy status (just like the DBE’s Senior Certificate) beyond 30 June 2019; however students will need to have completed the qualification by 30 June 2019. The above information can be verified on the SAQA website by referring to the following link: Students applying for admission at South African tertiary institutions will still need to apply to the Senate of that University for admission as they have always done before. Accelerated Education Enterprises (AEE) distributes the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) curriculum and can be contacted for more information on 031 573 6500. Universities South Africa has confirmed in writing that any student who has successfully completed the CEC by 30 June 2019 will be able to apply to tertiary institutions through the Senate’s Discretionary Route.


A.C.E. students can also write the National Senior Certificate (NSC) through the South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute (SACAI) or enrol for the Cambridge International Examinations. In both cases the A.C.E. methodology and curriculum materials remain the backbone of these certificate options, in line with our commitment to Christian Education.


Students following the A.C.E. programme can further earn the International Certificate of Christian Education (comparable to Cambridge A levels), awarded by the ICCEL in the United Kingdom. This foreign qualification presently has limited recognition in South Africa and will be more suitable for students who plan to study in the United Kingdom.

Communication from HESA

In August 2015, Universities South Africa (USA), formerly known as HESA, in its joint meeting with the Matriculation Board, resolved to maintain the status quo with regard to the A.C.E. School of Tomorrow College Entrance Certificate (SoT – CEC). HESA/USA resolved that South African universities may continue to enrol learners presenting the A.C.E. SoT College Entrance Certificate. Such learners will have to write and pass a Senate-prescribed test to be ready for degree studies. Upon passing such a test they will then be issued with a certificate of exemption under paragraph 31 of the Matriculation Board Regulations. HESA /USA further declared that A.C.E. SoT students who write the NSC examination through DBE, IEB or SACAI would be considered for admission in the usual way. Click here to see the HESA/USA letter to A.C.E.


The GED® test is a U.S.A. high school (12th grade) equivalency test that is delivered in more than 60 countries around the world. In South Africa it is registered as a Level 4 Exit Certificate on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and is recognised by Universities South Africa (USAF) and the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) as a matric equivalent. After completing the A.C.E. curriculum, students would enroll for the GED® which can be achieved in a relatively short period of time, depending on the learner. For some learners this could be as short as a month, although they should plan for three to four. Due to the high standard of the A.C.E. curriculum and based on the exceptional performance of A.C.E. alumni in both South African and international universities, we believe A.C.E. graduates are well equipped to confidently master the GED® examinations and obtain the relevant benchmark scores in order to gain acceptance into tertiary studies.

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