Who should consider a vocational career?

Any learner, who despite their best efforts finds that they are uninspired and under-performing whilst following an academic school programme, should consider the alternate option of vocational studies. There are many opportunities to build exciting and rewarding careers. If you identify with this, or if you are a parent who has a child in this situation; read more.

Vocational education opportunities

Albert Einstein was attributed with the insightful catch-phrase – “if you evaluate a fish on its ability to climb a tree it will spend its whole life thinking it’s stupid.” The sad reality is that there is a real risk of this exact scenario in our education system. Each individual has talent and amazing potential. Unfortunately, and in general, the academic schooling system does not nurture or guide children who operate outside of the academic mould. These youngsters can only benefit from vocational studies where they can excel and develop as individuals.

Why choose vocational studies with LIFEPREP College?

LIFEPREP College is a private Further Education and Training college that offers ethical, success-driven training courses for anyone from 16 to 60 years of age. Learning in a safe, Christian world-view, disciplined environment has many benefits that will lead to new job opportunities after studies have been completed. LIFEPREP College is a division of Accelerated Education Enterprises (AEE). With a successful track record in education AEE provides LIFEPREP with invaluable professional support.

  • Our unique approach to vocational education:
  • A unique feature is discipline and respect for lecturer and learner.
  • A SAFE learning environment.
  • Character building and personal development.
  • Learning how to answer the “why” questions of life and career.
  • Qualified lecturers for each individual’s need.
  • A disciplined approach to allow everyone to achieve their full potential.

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Graduation & Qualifications

A.C.E. graduates can study at tertiary level, locally and internationally.
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Career Development Programme

It is becoming essential in today’s school environment to start preparing learners to consider their career options earlier.

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Tertiary Access

AEE has a Tertiary Liaison Division that works to assist and guide school graduates through the tertiary application process.

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Our LIFEPREP vocational studies programme helps prepare non-academically minded learners to excel in an exciting and rewarding career.

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