AEE LearnCloud is the AEE online portal and the learner’s passport to an increasing collection of high quality eLearning resources.

eLearning has completely transformed the way in which learning is taking place. eLearning allows learners to take a proactive approach to their studies and makes learning simpler, easier, and more effective.
AEE LearnCloud is a tool to assist learners as they progress on their education journey using AEE products.

AEE LearnCloud Material

LearnCloud is the AEE eLearning portal. The learning material is developed by AEE in collaboration with curriculum development specialists. AEE ensures that all material is quality-assured, giving you the confidence that content is accurate and age appropriate, suited to the individual learner’s needs.

AcePlus has been integrated into the LearnCloud portal and can be accessed using any digital device that has internet connectivity. AcePlus provides online supplementary learning material to support learners who are working through the A.C.E. curriculum.

How does AcePlus work?

Each learner has their own unique username and login, enabling them to keep track of the PACEs and Courses they are working on and have completed.

The easy-to-use menu system allows a learner to quickly search for a specific PACE or concept.

There are over 300 video lessons for the various grades, and the list is updated monthly via AEE Communicator.

Supervisors and Monitors should indicate to learners which PACEs are linked with specific video lessons.

The video lessons explain concepts differently to the way in which they are explained in the PACE, providing alternative material, enhancing mastery of critical concepts.

On AcePlus, the online lessons relate to specific PACE content, providing supplementary learning material to each concept:
SA M 1048 Pictograph and Bar Graph correct 25
Science 1103 – Cell Organelles Lesson 2
Zulu 3 – Imisindo

Benefits of eLearning:

AcePlus lessons empower learners to take responsibility for their own learning.

eLearning ensures consistent teaching and learners can review the same material several times.

eLearning is flexible, allowing learners to access material at their own convenience and pace.

The AEE LearnCloud App is available for download on GOOGLE Play and The APP Store.

Sign Up

  • Individual learners can sign up to use LearnCloud through the website
  • AEE Association Schools LearnCloud together with SchoolManage is automatically included as benefits of the AEE Association.
    Contact the AEE Customer Experience Centre (087 820 4858) and start using LearnCloud.