The Christian Educators’ Convention (CEC) is a conference aimed at encouraging and equipping educators to meet the high demand in a quickly evolving education landscape now impacted by the novel coronavirus pandemic. Together, we will seek God’s will and respond with innovative solutions.

The CEC sessions are aimed to address relevant topics, provide current insights and give practical advice that equips and inspires school staff!

The CEC will be held virtually (online) on 11 – 12 March from 14:30 – 17:30 each day.

This year the conference theme is Faith through the Desert, which will focus on how God makes a way for us in the dry seasons of life. In a time where hardship and uncertainty has been a reality for many, we can place our faith in Him and rest, knowing that the One who holds the universe in His hands is the same God whom we call Father.


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The AASC is an annual event for youth leadership and potential development in Africa.

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The ISC is an annual event held in the USA for those students who excel at the AASC.

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The Administrators' Seminar is a premier event for leadership teams of schools.