Accelerated Education Enterprises is committed to providing innovative education solutions that are appropriate for the needs of today’s learners. We are called to provide a rigorous education that equips this generation to navigate a future that we can hardly imagine! We also know that the world is changing at a rapid rate, and now more than ever, young people are seeking guidance, direction and security that can only be found in establishing their lives within the God-given purpose for their existence.

We have had such a blessed time at the 12 venues across the country over the past two weeks! Thank you to every delegate for being a part of the 2020 Christian Educators’ Convention.

If you would like to revisit any of the sessions, we have added all of the videos below.


  1. Vision for a Future by Design (Graham Yoko)
  2. Supplementary Course Materials
  3. Social Media: Best Friend or Worst Enemy (Norton Oosthuis)
  4. Physical Science Materials
  5. Blended Learning
  6. All Africa Student Convention 2020
  7. AASC 2019: Testimonials
  8. Imaginal Education (Tom Rudmik)
  9. Learning Adventure: The Greatest Thrill at Masters Academy
  10. God Who Moves The Mountains (Corey Voss)
  11. Every Kid Needs a Champion (Rita Pierson)
  12. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance (Angela Lee Duckworth)
  13. You Say (Lauren Daigle)
  14. Hosanna (Paul Baloche)
  15. This is Amazing Grace (Phil Wickham)
  16. Every Praise (Sing Gloria)
  17. The Wise, the Foolish and the Evil (Dr Henry Cloud)
  18. Atheist Kids’ Songs (Tim Hawkins)


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