AEE has a Tertiary Liaison Division that works to assist and guide school graduates through the tertiary application process.  Each university and tertiary institute has varying policies and procedures that need to be considered when application is made.  It is advisable for all learners who have graduated from an AEE association member school to make contact with the AEE Tertiary Liaison Office prior to making application to a university or tertiary institute.

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The four exit qualification options carefully considered and selected by AEE are:

  1. the International A.C.E. Qualification, the LCA Diploma, in partnership with Lighthouse Christian Academy (LCA) in the USA which SAQA has confirmed is an accredited qualification in the USA and they will be able to issue a certificate of evaluation (equivalence)for this qualification.
  2. the General Education Diploma (GED) – an international matric equivalent qualification that is recognized internationally with country specific conditions for tertiary education admission.
  3. the Cambridge International Examination (CIE) – a well-known international qualification held in high esteem throughout the world.
  4. the National Senior Certificate (NSC) via the Independent Examination Board (IEB) – an Umalusi accredited qualification acceptable in all South African Tertiary Institutions.

What is The General Education Diploma?

A GED® is an international high school credential which is recognised and listed on the South African Qualifications Authority framework (SAQA) as a an NQF level 4 matric equivalent.

The GED® is a relatively straight forward diploma which can be completed with little preparation for learners who have completed the ACE curriculum (depending on the student). Learners who have completed the ACE curriculum have successfully obtained the GED® in under one month and achieved averages of above 70%.

A student who has completed GED® may study for a Higher Certificate at any college or university without the foreign conditional exemption from USAf and obtain an NQF5 qualification, which will enable the student to apply for degree studies and an exemption from USAf. (Use this method if the SAT and/or the letter of acceptance from an International University are not accepted by USAf for a foreign conditional exemption for degree studies).

The GED® entails online lessons, videos and simulated exams which prepare learners for the final exams. Gaps in knowledge are filled in with the online tutorials, and therefore very little prior knowledge of the subject is required. A longer period of time will need to be spent in preparation for learners who did not take pure Math or Science in the Senior FET Phase.

The GED® tests are essentially a series of exit exams whereby a graduate obtains a diploma which can be used to obtain entrance into tertiary studies and the workplace. The ACE Curriculum is the vehicle which provides the necessary knowledge and skills required to perform at tertiary level or in an advanced level in the workplace.


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AEE has a Tertiary Liaison Division that works to assist and guide school graduates through the tertiary application process.

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